Business Marketing

Is Finding the Most Efficient Business Markets Illusive?

When I say most efficient business markets I mean the markets that will do business with you more quickly than the others. There are quite a few things that make this possible. The first is that any business owner must define their primary market. The next important step is getting in front of that market […]

Potential Benefits From Outsourced Business Marketing

Today a lot of businesses, both large and small, are operating on a shoestring budget. They can’t afford to have a marketing department. But, in a tough economic climate and a highly competitive one, they also cannot afford not to market. That’s where outsourced business marketing comes in. Not every entrepreneur is a marketing expert. […]

Cost Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies and Tips – Part Three

In this Part 3 article on Small Business Marketing, I am going to explore Marketing Research and Target Marketing. Both are very important in marketing your small business, and the quality of the market research process will define your targeted marketing. See my previous article for information on Marketing Methods and Strategies. MARKETING RESEARCH Questions […]

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